Homo Angelicus flyer

Homo Angelicus, a group exhibition of seventeen artists selected by artist Frank Haines, presents works referencing the ever present relationship between the cosmic and the terrestrial. The term Homo Angelicus refers to the theory of humans carrying angelic or celestial traits, or: angels incarnate in human bodies. The relationship between humans and celestial beings, though largely known within the canon of Christian art, can be found in earlier, ancient Greek and Assyrian depictions.

The exhibition is timed to coincide with the presentation of Timothy Wyllie’s work at the Outsider Art Fair, presented publicly for the first time by Benjamin Tischer and New Discretions. Wyllie (1940-2017) was a founding member of the Process Church of the Final Judgment. After residing in New York City (living in the Dakota) Wyllie lived his final years in the high desert of New Mexico, exploring non-human intelligent communication (dolphins, aliens & angels). Wyllie wrote numerous books, many inspired by his guardian angel, Georgia, notable as his drag self. Along with Marcia Moore and John Lilly, Wyllie was an early pioneer in the use of ketamine for self exploration and healing. While he is known by many as the designer for The Process magazine, this will be the first showing of his drawings that he largely kept to himself.

This grouping of artists (ages 5 to Infinity) reflect the larger community of Frank Haines, the curator of Homo Angelicus. These participants have had an impact on Haines and his continued relationship with the celestial guides. He will present a broadsheet detailing his relationship with the Celestials, as well as his relationship to the artists selected for this show. The show will feature a soundtrack selected by Kye Potter and Jan Woo.

2022 was one of the more transformative years of my life. Each day concluded with a feeling like I was living in a movie. It was essential for me to take pictures in order to remember everything that happened. In addition to beginning my work with the celestials, I was able to commune (exchange energy) with power centers around the world. Many of my varied life paths, which appeared to run parallel courses, were beginning to converge, preparing me for a new stage in life. Guides appeared, and I was ready to listen.

The Angelic current was something I had always respected, but had yet to immerse myself in. My mother has an Angel cabinet in the home I grew up in, filled with depictions of angels (this cabinet also began to serve as a growing depository for memorial photos).

In April I found myself back in Joshua Tree. Traveling in a light cloud of skepticism, I went to a soundbath at the Integraton. Drayton was at the crystal sound bowls controls inside the parabolic dome. As the frequencies passed through my body, I had a clear vision of a blue-black angel hovering above me. This entity felt familiar, as it took the form of an angel statue I had photographed in the basement crypts of Berliner Dom. I knew this entity was a guide who, having always been with me, was now present to begin working more actively in my life. I left the Integraton in a new, accelerated vibrational state.

In Ask your Angels the authors (Alma Daniels, Eli Rainer & Timothy Wyllie) discuss the manner in which angels can communicate and manifest to us. Angels operate with incredible speed and vibration. Physical manifestation (becoming visible at our vibrational level) takes too much energy. Angels largely communicate to us through thoughts and vibrations.

Dancing, being on the right kind of dance floor, has always had a profound effect on me. When all the right elements are in place, a group of people dancing can become a transformative organism. Dancing for hours has allowed me to enter into a place of abstract thought and processing. My relation to time shifts, stepping outside of language and immersed in vibration. Consent to possession and cognitive break throughs. As I began writing about the artists in the show, dancing appeared as a strong connective thread in many of these relationships. I’ve shared a dance floor with a number of these artists, some of the best conducted by Ron Like Hell.

While the immense details of 2022 are a long tale for another place, a signifigant experience shaped my work with the angels. I attended a party in the woods with around 100 people in attendance. I knew about 90 of the attendants, making it a difficult place to move around in as I wanted to converse with everyone there. On the raw earth under the shelter of trees, I danced through the night and morning light. The gathering was a community energy ritual, one of energy exchange, which further accelerated and solidified aspects of my witchcraft already brewing in me.

Following the gathering in the woods, I had the rare opportunity of being home alone. In my home at the time, I had created a purple room. It was a home temple, a comfortable place to find solace and take visionary voyages. In this room I listened to the Ask You Angels audio cassette. This cassette became my guide, a self initiation, my merger with the angelic current. I found out my angel’s name was Sandy. This was the point where all my paths converged. I became aware of the value and validity of the multiple sides of myself (light, dark and in between).

As I paced the apartment for hours, the angels were with me, answering any question I had. I could look back through the course of my life and see that all of my experiences, however joyful or traumatic, had lead me to a place of service, without shame, fear or regret. I saw a model for life that is a wrestling of the terrestrial with the celestial. Life on earth is an enormous evolutionary experiment, consciousness manifesting in matter. I came away with a life motto, Love is the Guiding Force. From now on, all my actions needed to pass through this filter. Through the darkest tunnels I may walk through, Love is my tether.

One of my leading guides on this path has been Timothy Wyllie. Wyllie dropped his body in 2017, yet his influence continues. After residing in New York City (living in the Dakota) Wyllie lived his final years in the high desert of New Mexico, exploring non-human intelligent communication (dolphins, aliens & angels). Wyllie wrote numerous books, many inspired by his guardian angel, Georgia, notable as his drag self. While he is known by many as the designer for The Process magazine, he largely kept his drawings to himself. Many of them were produced in his later years, while living alone in the desert. I’m honored to present a drawing of Timothy’s in this show as well as a collaborative work with June Atkin. The words which follow are brief descriptions of my relation to the artists in the show, as well as some impressions their life and work have had on me.

Text by Frank Haines

Featured Artists

Abundance Agbomah

One of my stage personas is named Sandy Smiles. Sandy was booked to play an Abasement show at Artists’s space. I was paddling through heavy heartbreak and did not want to be on a stage alone. I employed a tactic that had previously brought good results. I put an ad under the Craigslist Gigs section titled “Witchy Woman Wanted” I received numerous qualified replies, with Abundance being the first. When we spoke on the phone, I felt like I was having a conversation with myself. Our conversation covered our mutual work with the angels and reverence for Isis. Abundance also works closely with the Yoruba goddess Oshun, who she feels is akin, or at least related to the Isis current.

We met for the first time 45 minutes before the gig. This was to be her first time performing on stage. My stage instructions were simple, just go with it. I am still in a state of shock with how well we engaged on stage. Few could believe we had never worked together before. We trusted the process, and I knew there was no way to fail. Our meeting and performance reflected the multitude of synchronicities that have illustrated my life since working with the angels. People find each other in this world.

As I got to know Abundance, I found out about her forward thinking vegan catering company Nourish the Soul. I also became aware of Abundance’s visionary drawings which I had to include in this exhibit. This is Abundance’s first gallery appearance.



Colored pencil on paper

12.25" x 15.25"



Colored pencil on paper

12.25" x 15.25"


Arthur’s studio is a bench outside of Molly Mutt’s Thrift store in downtown Melbourne, Florida. Daily he can be found working on his drawings, often under a colorful umbrella protecting him from the Florida sun. His primary medium and source of income are his hand drawn greeting cards, which often reflect upcoming holidays. The moment I met Arthur, I had to buy out his entire stock, as I am in love with his work and vision. Arthur also makes individual drawings and paintings, with angels being a common theme.

Whenever I visit my mother in Florida, visiting Arthur is an essential visit. We have become friends over the years, and I had the honor to have him design a Witch Hotline shirt. Our conversations always begin with a strong start, and we discuss our relationships with the celestials. Arthur works with whatever he has on hand, the two works on display having a substrate of t shirt stretched over board. They were intentionally left unframed so as to witness their sculptural essence.


Colored pencil on fabric

9.5" x 12.5"


Colored pencil and watercolor on board

12" x 16"


Colored pencil on fabric

11.25" x 9.75"

June Atkin

Benjamin Tischer, Anthony Elms and I traveled up to Portland, Maine to visit the Timothy Wyllie estate for the first time in May 2022. The estate is essentially June Atkin and some well organized flat files in her spare bedroom. This was our first exposure to the breadth and power of of Timothy’s drawings. While living in NYC, June and Timothy were close friends and had a design team called Bozum Sirius Productions. After Timothy moved to the desert, he and June continued to work collaboratively. Both working in Prismacolor pencil, they created 14 masterful drawings through mail correspondence. While visiting the estate, June showed us the protective vellum sheets for the drawings, covered in post-it notes of their correspondence on how the drawings should take shape.

June is a lifelong artist and I love her drawing style. She created a children’s book called “The Pumpkin Patch: A Traditional Buddhist tale. She continues to live in Portland with her husband Kenny, a longtime correspondent for CNN and peace activist.

June Atkin & Timothy Wyllie

Evolution of Wisdom

Print of Prismacolor drawing on paper

19.25" x 25.25"

Matt Black

Matt is a seeker largely known for his unique, often full body tattoo work. A longtime resident of Graham Avenue in Williamsburg (where I live and work) he has just returned to the Island of Britain. I’ve always loved the mock ups he designs for his tattoos, the hand drawings especially. I see them as finished pieces and happy to add them to the grand narrative of this assemblage.



Ink on paper

17.25" x 21.25"

Stephanie Boyce

I met Stephanie through my friend and fellow mycologist Mark Cross. Mark ran a gallery on Graham avenue called Muddgutts and presented an extensive solo show of Stephanie’s work. Stephanie was a frequent visitor to Graham Avenue where I had many extensive conversations with her on the bench of Rose Tattoo. While she produced many bodies of work, this particular piece reflects her reflections on many of the bands introduced to her by Mark. Prolific to the end, Stephanie passed away in 2022, remembered fondly by many of us who got to experience her loving light.


Sharpie on paper

9" x 12"

Rachel Burnstein

Like myself, Rachel works with stained glass. She is one of the few practioners (that I’m aware of) who have sought to push the medium beyond it’s traditional applications. She largely works in creating fantastical stained glass mirrors under the moniker of Badglass. Beyond my formal appreciations of her work, including a mirror in this exhibition was important for me because of the idea of angels as mirrors. This idea was first introduced to be by Andrew (now known as Eli) Rainer in his book Revelations for a New Millenium. Eli, one of the co authors of Ask Your Angels, has received transmissions from various angels his entire life.

“Angels are messengers. Please remember that. We are messengers of God, no matter how you all have seen us in the last two thousand years. We are messengers and we are mirror bearers. All of our messages come from God. Some of us bear mirrors that carry the reflections in their glass of all that is good in you. And some of us bear mirrors that carry the reflections in their glass of all that is bad in you. Do not, however, confuse God’d mirror bearers with the images that appear in their mirrors. And do not confuse what you see with the whole of who you are”1

1. Linda Fontano book evil existing in the daytime human realm



Stained glass, mirror and lead

Width: 26.75"
Top center to bottom left: 37.5"
Top center to bottom right: 35"

Scott Covert

A Psychopomp is an entity found in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife. This is a role that many humans embody, and such a relationship has been a strong theme in my life. Scott’s working practice is akin to this role and his studio practice takes place in cemeteries around the world. Largely utilizing grave rubbings made with oil pastels, Scott’s prolific practice reflects intertwined legacies of the departed. If one has the privilege to be in Scott’s presence, each work of his is accompanied by the rich history of the souls represented.

We became friends when we worked on a book together titled The Dead Supreme. The book was a collection of Scott’s personal photographs detailing Scott’s work in cemeteries. Scott has lived a rich life in NYC (an actual legend), being close friends with both Cookie Mueller and Rene Ricard. He was deeply involved with Club 57, and one of his gold painted skulls was included inside the recent exhibition at Moma.

Glittering Painting


Oil and glitter on linen

51" x 52"

Gotthard Fellerer

Gotthard feels like family to me in that he is the father of my spiritual sister Gisa. In my frequent trips to Vienna, I always visit Gotthard at his home. Nearing 80, he has dedicated his life to art and being a knower of the mysteries. Our conversations are often interrupted by him leaving the table to return with a stack of rare books on whatever subject we are discussing. While Gotthard work has exhibited frequently in Austria and Europe, this is the third showing of his work in the U.S. (the last time being in the 70’s). Gotthard works in a variety of styles and mediums, and I’ve always loved what I see as his perpetual theme of nocturnal landscapes. I was honored to have this 1988 painting of his in the show, brought here by Gisa in her luggage.

I must also mention that Gisa was very instrumental in this show coming together, and encouraging me to become involved in art again.

Lebendigkeit Im Tun


Oil on linen

16" x 18"

Christopher Garrett

Christopher is a fellow seeker on the path. We met on a scissor lift listening to the music of Anton LaVey. We were art handlers living in (what feels like) one of the last creative wellsprings to happen in San Francisco. We moved to NYC at the same time, both working long hours on photo sets to survive and buy time in the studio. We’ve done multiple shows together, a significant one being in Athens which exposed me to the current of Greece for the first time. Often nomadic and dedicated, Christopher and I have traveled in many parts of Europe together.

Christopher is deeply literate and thoughtful thinker, an approach I am always seeking when looking at art. His art has documented his travels, in thought and experience, in an absurd world. I’ve often thought of his work as akin to the protagonists in Cormac McCarthy’s novels, living in a crazy world of humans and situations, worked through in his art.

Untitled/ The Great Wave of the Past, Compounded in Derision, Submerged Idea and Non-Dreamer Alike…


Acrylic, gouache, watercolor and pencil

72" x 60"

Raina Hamner

The first time I became aware of Raina was the first (and only) time I DJ’d at Lit Lounge. It was Cheryl Dunn’s art opening and Raina began dancing on the empty dance floor. I was taken by her display of energy. Years later I would witness this energy on other, more active dance floors. Raina was one of those dancers who would stand out, manifesting something combustive and beautiful. I then became aware of the persona she created through makeup and costume. These dream-like personalities would roam the city, sometimes photographed. This energy then began appearing in her drawings which feel like snapshots taken in some vaguely familiar dream world.

Melpomene Mambo


Colored pencil on paper

21" x 26"

Jay Ivan

When Jay and I first met we bonded over being fellow escapees from the sunshine state. I’ve been near Jay on some of the more profound dancefloors of my life, two of them through the night in the deep woods. Jay’s photography is largely dedicated to the world of plants at night. Capturing their silent speed through available light. Jay reflects the same thoughtfully centered stillness in his poetry.



ChromaLuxe dye-sublimation print on aluminum panel

20" x 30"

Kyp Malone

Kyp and I first met at an angel gathering held by Satomi of Deerhoof. I once possessed superhuman strength to save Kyp from harm during an Ice Balloons show at The Glove. I was very high on mushrooms watching the band from the side of the stage. A raucous pit broke out causing someone to bump hard onto an unstable PA speaker. Because I was on mushroom time, I was able to step in with what felt like superhuman speed and strength. I caught the speaker before it came crushing down on Kyp, soon aided by others around me. I had to leave the show immediately and get a juice from Mr Kiwi. The rush of energy that hit me also shocked me. I credit the mushrooms and the angels. Kyp and I didn’t see each other again until I ran into him in the street at sunset in Venice, Italy. It was there that we discussed that crazy show.

There is a strong, quiet beauty about Kyp that comes through in his presence, music and paintings. We were in a show together at Nha Minh this past summer. The show became a beautiful gathering of friends. The show reinforced my feeling of only wanting to do art with and for friends.



Watercolor on board

14" x 18"

Chris Oh

Chris is another artist in who has been near me on many conductive dance floors. Juicy Street parties in Fran’s basement were timeless affairs that went through the night into the following afternoon. Dj’s would often perform long form sets, taking one on an epic ride, Budino’s set being a strong example. A sparse dance floor at 5am, when all the drunk people have left, leaving a dedicated crew. Chris was often nearby riding the same wave.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Chris’s paintings through the years, yet if feels like an understatement to call them paintings. His work is a kind of masterful sorcery, invoking entities in the materials. With paint, he often evokes life energies within seemingly inanimate materials.



Acrylic on abalone shell

6 ¼" x 5" x 2"

Cici Pearl

I’ve had the privilege of transmitting a set at the Lot radio 4 times a year, on the equinoxes and solstices. Sean Ragon and I collaborated on an Autumnal Equinox transmission in September 2022. The set is a spell. During one of our pre show technical meetings, Sean brought his daughter Cici. She had brought with her a drawing to gift me (a portrait of me). She then went out to sound the gong in my temple. Activities done with ease, intuition and joy can be some of the strongest ritual work.

Cici’s drawings continue to display a new world, one she will be a strong participant in.

Angel Family


Colored pencil on paper

9.25" x 11.25"



Marker on paper

8" x 10"

Silky Shoemaker

Although never sharing a stage, Silky and I have both performed as background dancers for Christeene. Silky is a dedicated artist and performer often activating a psychotic pathos in experimental theater. She is 1/3 of the group SHABOOM, who create the kind of theater I’ve always wanted to see. Silky has a rich practice in painting, often on clothing and canvas. The painting she contributed to the show depicts a whale that visited her in a dream. She lives close to the Pacific ocean, in close proximity to these signals from the deep.



Oil on linen in driftwood frame

22" x 18.5"

Spencer Sweeney

Flow became a major theme and criteria in my life, energy conservation being key to my witchcraft. After a productive night of voyaging in the Purple Room, I reached out to Spencer. I asked if, at age 48, I was too old to begin practicing Aikido. Spencer replied, “No, you are starting young. Come to the Dojo”.

Spencer has been practicing Aikido for over 20 years and his was my first class. Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, stated that a real warrior was one who was rooted in love, and it was in this spirit that he began to develop Aikido, a martial art that emphasizes harmony and the peaceful resolution of conflict. While my commitment to practicing Aikido has been lax, the initial 2 months of working in the dojo had a profound effect on me. From the way I stand and move to how I fall. Redirecting rather than absorbing energy.

I’ve known Spencer since I moved to New York. I hadn’t seen him in some time, and Aikido brought us back into each other’s lives. The Brant Foundation recently put together a beautiful retrospective of Spencer’s work. I’ve always admired the natural flow found in Spencer and his work, even his brushwork alone. I’d call it a defining characteristic of his work.



Acrylic on canvas

Timothy Wyllie

I’d be remiss to leave out a major transformative aid in my life and work with the angels: ketamine. My 4 year relationship with ketamine has been a continually transformative and healing experience. Ketamine largely enabled me to listen to my own voice, the guide that has always been with me.

Due to the war on drugs (a religious war) few magicians, artists, and seekers have been able to openly talk of the positive effects on drugs for transforming your life and illuminating paths in creative work. The drug narratives can seem dominated by (valid) stories of those crushed under the massive energy of substance. These varied currents are strong, and one is aided by guidance in such affairs. Given the secretiveness and shame in drug use, many peoples first (and only) use of psychedelics happened when they were a teen, experimenting. This often led to traumatic psychic imprints, leading people away from a potentially healing or transformative experience.

Timothy Wyllie, along with Marcia Moore and John C. Lilly were pioneers in working with Ketamine as a transformative and healing substance. Wyllie’s thoughts on Ketamine, largely shared on Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, was a defining guide on my own work with Ketamine. While the use of ketamine isn’t necessary to contact the angels, under the right circumstances it is definitely the fast track. Timothy’s work on ketamine had a major impact on Genesis P ‘Orridge and subsequently their shared ideas about the fluidity of gender.

There was a beautiful, transformative flow that occurred from the time I was exposed to Timothy’s work and this show being curated. After a wonderful relational experience showing in Brazda & Snow’s first show, they asked me if I could curate a show at the gallery. This show was already sitting in my head as a fantasy, and the timing was perfect to align with the showing of Timothy’s drawings by New Discretions at the Outsider Art Fair. Long living and working in NYC, these two exhibitions feel like a powerful return of Timothy’s influence to NYC.

Expanding Creation

Prismacolor on paper

17" x 17"