Movement of the Triangle flyer

Movement of the Triangle is the third exhibition at Snow Gallery as well as the third in a series. Taking its title from Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual in Art, this show brings together 19 healers, artists, & magicians (ages 15 to infinity) who are paving a way forward, helping carry a torch through the darkness. This exhibition explores many familial connections, both blood and intentional, forming an ever-growing constellation of healing. The boundaries between art and life are illusory.

Continuing our tradition of pairing soundtracks with visual work, Zeena Schreck will be debuting her newest record, Transcend, within the gallery. These sounds will be paired with Chip Kolpen’s project Frenemas. This exhibition marks the first time Zeena’s work will be shown alongside her recently deceased godfather, Kenneth Anger.

Frankie: A few months prior to his passing, I had the privilege of sitting next to John Giorno at a dinner at Jane Kaplowitz’s home. I gained much from my brief proximity to his current. His autobiography came out soon after, much of it exploring the rich relationships he experienced through a life in NYC. Following his Buddhist based belief in the transmigration of souls, Giorno felt that many of his relationships had a basis in previous connections in past lives.

I don’t think this is a small world, I think its vast and infinite. Yet somehow, we find each other in this life. Something inside us, maybe lying outside of the everyday rational, confirms these connections. I feel like I’ve known many of my friends for thousands of years, this current shared incarnation being another humorous absurd dream.

There are a multitude of models for consciousness. My current favorite is seeing life on earth as a grand evolutionary experiment. One in which the celestial has come down to intertwine and manifest within matter. This wrestling has gone on for thousands of years, and the evidence of the celestial guides is present in artifacts found throughout all cultures. This is a planet of many tribes, all continually learning to communicate with one another, much of this taking place in New York City.

The age of the guru is over, especially the male guru. Something in the DNA of humans seems to desire a solitary infallible leader who has all the answers. Power continually corrupts, with trauma in its wake. Too many of my earth sisters have been burned alive for too long. It is their voices I seek to amplify. There was a time in our existence when we needed a battle mentality to survive. This habit pattern of the mind no longer serves us.

To me, the way forward is through community and togetherness. I’ve always believed in the healing power of art, yet I never imagined seeing it happen within a gallery setting. Within a state of consistent awe, Caroline and I are witnessing this.

Featured Artists

Abundance Agbomah

“is a psychic medium & intuitive artist symbolizing fire in human form: the creative spirit of the universe. Taught resilience, strength, and adversity at a young age, Abundance earned her name by alchemizing her pain to joy through creating. Her many life teachers are the Orishas, her ancestors, prolific deities, her ascended masters (Jesus), The Holy Spirit, culture, pain, pleasure, African Goddesses, Nature, Dancing, & cooking. These influences continue to be her teachers through wisdom & experience. As above so below, reflects her spiritual and artistic journey as a revolutionary of love. The triangle connects us to the world of the gods, the physical world, and the underworld. These principles & archetypes, the earth, and the alchemy of matter are themes that show up as universal patterns in her connections with other artists. Her work with Caroline & Frank propelled her to rise to her inner Phoenix, & truest nature: to reflect inspiration through growth, change, and the passion pursuit of painting and drawing. Moving like a busy bee, penetrating & purifying everywhere & everyone she touches. She is transformative & metaphysical, like fire. As the Igbo proverb says, ‘a palm nut that wants to become palm oil must pass through the fire.’ May the fire within keep burning.”

Floating through the galaxy


Acrylic and watercolor on paper

Image size: 11 by 8 inches
Frame size: 12 by 16 inches

Before the Phoenix rises


Acrylic and watercolor on canvas

12 x 16 inches

Kenneth Anger

Kenneth taught us that the set is the spell.
We transmute the current through our work.
Love is the Law

Invocation of my Demon Brother


Frame size: 26 x 32 inches


Committed to his daily practice, Arthur works on a bench amidst his pencils, friends, and an unshakeable faith. The strength of his smile & joy is contagious. Often sleeping under the Florida palms, he awakes with the morning doves and starts again.



Acrylic on canvas in walnut frame

Canvas size: 7 by 11 inches
Frame size: 12.25 x 8.25 inches

June Atkin

June Atkin has lived a dynamic life as an artist and energy worker. Having lived much of her life in NYC, she was a close collaborator with Timothy Wyllie. She currently resides amidst the cool breezes of Maine, where she recently had to say goodbye to her greatest love; CNN anchor and peace activist Kevin Sanders.

A lifelong Buddhist, June’s illustration work speaks to a timeless beauty, reflecting the interconnectedness of a life on earth.

Family Outing

Colored pencil on paper

Image size: 12.5 x 15 inches
Frame size: 19 x 21.5 inches

Meta Desire


Pencil on paper

Image size: 13.75 x 21.75 inches
Frame size: 19.75 x 27 inches

Jennifer Calandra

Eyes close into the black
the curtains part
A novel yet familiar dreamscape emerges
Paralyzed yet always watching
Fear that you long to return to



Acrylic on canvas board

16 x 20 inches


Thy Jester speaks truth for the freedom of all y’all I’m Every Woman.



Acrylic, hair extensions, wood frame

9.5 x 12 inches

Jamie Fletcher

Jamie is a painter as well as a dirt craft witch biker.



Bleach painting. assemblage

Dimensions variable

Delia Gonzalez

Delia, our earth/star sister reporting to us from Campania,
floods the gallery with more beautiful emanations from Venus.

The Fall of Pompeii



52 x 6 inches
Edition of 3

Raina Hamner

“‘The greatest magic is transmuting the passions.’ I got this in a fortune cookie not too long ago. It describes so concisely how I feel about my art practice. It is through the meditation of making things that I find peace and humor and the ability to move through difficult emotions. My drawings are like a motley crew of mascots to help me out along the way. And releasing them into the world is like accepting whoever I am at that given moment and honoring it.

Caroline has recently come back into my life. If our past together was a play it would be set during this one vivid memory that took place in the middle of the woods during a blizzard. So dreamy. The drugs were starting to scare me and I kept thinking our friend Lily was dead. She did end up dying not long after. We both lost people we loved so dearly. Now we are connecting again, and it feels as if the storm has subsided some. We have found our way through. I am so happy to be collaborating with her.

Frank has been an inspiration and a guide. I was drawn to him right away. I’d say performance and alter ego rituals seemed to be an initial common ground. And dancing all night long. I am very grateful for my ongoing communion with Frank. He visits me in dreams often and in person he always has the words that cut through the murk. I feel so happy to see his face appear in a crowd. Full of light and mischief.”

A Week in May


Colored pencil on paper

Image size: 18.75 by 23.5 inches
Frame size·: 27.5 by 22.5 inches

Linda Montano

Frankie lived in the lonely fog of San Francisco State to get an MFA. Linda appeared as a visiting artist and gave a lecture. I’d known about Linda from the book Angry Women. I was hungry for her lecture cuz much of my classes were killing me with academic sterility.

Linda gave her lecture in a small room and I believe she was wearing comfortable clothes. She began talking about her life and recent deaths she was grieving. As she continued to repeat the word death, a kind of glossolia took over. This speaking pattern then descended into a full-on possession and body convulsion around the word death. I was in total shock and awe as I watched. Soon after the convulsions and glossolia, she snapped back to full composure and said “Now it’s your turn”. When Frankie was in Norway I was thinking about Yves Klein and the way he would fill rooms with a charge, like when he did Judo in the gallery. I reached out to Linda to ask her about this practice, and she said she couldn’t talk about it right now because she was full on Catholic.

One time Linda was asked to be on a panel but had to decline because of her Catholic devotion. I wore a white suit and stood in as a surrogate for Linda. When it was her time to speak, I put the microphone to a cassette machine and pushed play.

Linda once gave a guided meditation to a small group of us in a home near the Holland Tunnel. During the mediation she asked us to visualize our twin.

Soon after a laugh emanated from Linda that put me in a state of shock and awe. Afterwards the group of us walked north to accompany Linda to the Port Authority Bus Station. I was in conversation with Linda during the walk. When we were three blocks away from the station, Linda took off running full speed. I was in mid-sentence.

Later she wrote me an email saying she realized she had to bolt cause she was gonna miss the last bus home. She ended her email saying:
Always Waving Hello


Ink on paper

Image size: 7 x 11 inches
Frame size: 11.5 x 15.5 inches



Ink on photo

22 x 17.75 inches

Blue chakra doll

Doll with wooden bed

Maricela Nodar

Maricela captures the agony in the garden, enduring all, the rapture of pain.

Saint Agatha


Oil on recycled wood

45 x 22 inches

Clayton Patterson

Life moves fast and seekers seek a means to capture the experience of the passing flame. The city’s beauty has a foundation on fragile whispers, which can disintegrate via the emergency room or the lizard landlord’s fluster. Clayton is a keeper of the fire.


Etching with embroidery

45.5 x 30 inches


Elsa Rensaa

While we have yet to meet Elsa, her depiction of the magician archetype (with the dog familiar) is a beautiful vision of the guide we’ve seen throughout time.


Oil on wood

42 x 16 inches

Zeena Schreck

Growing up amidst the Lizards and Trolls of Florida, Frankie watched a lot of TV. I remember seeing Zeena on the Geraldo show during the Satanic Panic. Frankie was awestruck at the sight of her, wanting to know more. I wanted to be part of her crew. It was Frankie’s first sight of a High Priestess.

After seeing an article on her current life in Vice, I wrote her a letter. We began a correspondence which led to a 2013 return to the USA (she lives in Berlin as an ordained lineage holder within Tibetan Buddhism). This was Zeena’s first solo performance in her native country since her expatriation to Europe in 1990.

Inside a midtown NYC Unitarian church Zeena gifted us a vocal based work that tapped into the ritual use of sacred syllables from Vajrayana, Shaktism and Sethian-Typhonian left-way tantric practices, originating from emptiness, gradually transforming into a sound and voice collage on a stage.

Our work continues.

Zeena’s album ‘Transcend’ on Bandcamp:

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Photo and ink

23 x 17.5 inches

Radio Werewolf


Signed poster

36 x 26 inches

Caty Shannon

Frankie lived through a winter in Vienna and returned to NYC feeling like my soul had lost its tether. My will was intertwined with a dark crystal and she said I needed to go to therapy. I was art handling with a woman named Hazel who I’d met via a deep woods Florida metalhead dreamer named Parker. I told Hazel of my needs for counsel, and she connected me with Caty.

After my first session with Caty she lent me the book Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature.

Caty asked me questions that became keys to my locks. She showed me the way to untangle many of my knots. I experienced a rough yet rapid healing with Caty and learned how to get out of my own way.

In addition to her therapy work, Caty consistently crafts beautiful objects. During the 2022 summer I broke bread with Caty in her garden upstate. I wanted to give her a report on everything that happened because of our work together. As she gave me a tour of her home, she showed me all the stained glass she had been working on. She told me her glass work was inspired by a stained glass piece I had gifted her during our work together.

This is Caty’s first exhibition at Snow gallery.



Stained glass

22 x 54 inches

Secret Snow

This is Secret’s first exhibition at Snow Gallery.



Watercolor on paper

12 x 15 inches



Watercolor on paper

12 x 15 inches

Gail Thacker

Caroline and Frank met Gail via Rafael at the gallery. We instantly spoke the same language and used many of the same dictionaries. Gail’s work is a documentation of her close relationships– notably with Rafael Sánchez, a longtime creative partner and friend. A major theme that comes up is decay– how we are all in the process of dying, the fragility of life (and the Polaroids themselves) and the love that gets us through it. Love is the Guiding Force.

Tabboo!, his bird & David Armstrong's holiday party


Unique Polaroid 665 positive

Image size: 3¾ x 4¾ inches
Frame size: 11 x 10 inches

Self Portrait, Spirit in the Sky


Polaroid 667

Image size: 3¾ x 4¾ inches
Frame size: 11 x 10 inches

Derrick B Harden


FP-Fugi 3000b

Image size: 3¾ x 4¾ inches
Frame size: 11 x 10 inches

Valentina Vaccarella

Life is for living and V is doing it
like a beautiful night creature
one would meet in an Abel Ferrara film
Why you move to NYC
The film is starting

Talk 1


Oil on linen

38 x 40 inches

Kerstin Marie Wheale

Kerstin Marie Wheale (born 1970) is a master healer and psychopomp working within the Quantum realm. She was conceived and raised by artist parents who recognized her psychic abilities and raised her as the healer she continues to be.

Her many teachers include Nature, Christ Light, Findhorn: Dorthy McClean, Usui Reiki, Angels Arrien Tarot, Bonpo Practice The Dzogchen with 33rd HH & Chongtul Rinpoche Bon Shen Ling 9 levels, Tsi Dup., BS Counseling Psychology & Music and Lorenzo Di Medici Art Institute of Florence.

Caroline and Frankie have had the privilege of working with Kerstin, which has greatly defined and accelerated the work we do.

“I am forever grateful to my ancestors for the awareness of Truth and the courage to explore the Unknown.
They lived pushing the edge.
I am a result of that edge.”



Moss, obsidian scrying mirror, 5 sewing needles, hidden knife and feather in box

12 x 9.75 inches